Dating musical taste

It is also about the relationship between Sparkle and Stix (Philip Michael Thomas).

Although the film was reported to be a disastrous box office bomb back in 1976, the box office records for the film have remained anonymous and it is unknown how much money the film made during its theatrical run.

I couldn’t even find this ‘proud to be white’ flavor.

There’s nothing wrong, criminal, or anything even racist to say ‘we’re white and we’re proud.’ Things are more clear-cut in other parts of the world.

They distribute their mix CDs in schoolyards in the hope of influencing impressionable youth.

These artists include N’Socialist Soundsystem (the “N” stands for “National”), Sprachgesang zum Untergan, Naturlich, and solo artists MC Bock and Makss Damage.

Three sisters (Sister and the Sisters) from Harlem become singers.

They pump their fists in the air and dance raucously in front of a stage festooned with Nazi flags and racist skinhead symbols.

Others, including a few women, watch around the perimeter.

Many of the German artists even deny being hip-hop artists at all, making a number of justifications for the dissonance between their music and their ideology.

Makss Damage said, “I turn black music into white music—like Elvis did back in the day,” while N’Socialist Soundsystem makes their position pretty clear: “Your rap is dead, conform to the system, the true German wave is about to come with N’Socialist Soundsystem, I despise you, you are conform and cowardly, I never liked you, f— you, system-pigs.” Other examples of white supremacist rap have turned up in Russia, France, and allegedly Poland, though we couldn’t find any examples.

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